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THE PERFECT MURDER (a bit long) l love murder mysteries

October 28, 2012

Her face was contorted as she gasped for breath. Her innocent sapphire eyes filled with terror and her pale blond hair was tangled up. Her blue dress which matched her eyes, torn to shreds and those hands around her neck. How could she have even thought she could leave him? Hadn’t he loved her enough and yet she still wanted to leave? Well he couldn’t let this happen.  As he stumbled back home all he thought about was that this shouldn’t have happened.

After waking up Roger Sheppard brushed his teeth as he looked in the mirror. He wasn’t sure if he recognised who he saw; his eyes were bloodshot and there were black circles under his eyes from lack of sleep. Roger got dressed wearing the first thing he saw and called a cab, as in London no one could ever find a parking place. As the car moved he started thinking that if what happened last night was true, this would mean Cully was dead. He walked up the sidewalk and walked in. The reception area at the psychiatrist’s clinic was barren with only a few magazines and chairs. Roger sat down in his usual seat. The receptionist had an orange fake tan and peroxide blonde hair, in a very bored tone she said, “Mr. Sheppard the doctor is ready to see you”.

Though clinic was futuristic and had a minimalist approach to its decor, the psychiatrist Dr. Ackroyd was quite the opposite. The doctor was in his mid-forties; thinning light brown hair with a bit of greying in the temples and he wore grey pants with suspenders. Dr. Ackroyd was sitting in his chair with a pen and note book. He gave Roger a welcoming smile and  said, “Come on in, I didn’t think you would be back so soon. Is something wrong?”

Roger sat down and looked up and replied, “I think I killed someone”.

“That is quite a serious matter. I think you should tell me what happened right from the beginning,” said Dr. Ackroyd as he got his pen ready.

Roger described what he saw the night before. “I mean I just did what you told me, to go and talk it out with her and all,” Roger said as he buried his head in his lap.

Dr. Ackroyd told Roger, “Well it’s understandable, why you felt like you killed her. You were very angry when you found out she was having an affair with an older man. But if you had killed her there would be a body. But there isn’t one. When you went to see her you were under the influence of alcohol. You were not in a right state of mind”.

Roger Sheppard looked up and grinned, “Yes I was! That must be it! I knew I couldn’t have killed her. Thanks doc. What do I do now?”.

Roger and Dr. Ackroyd talked a little more about what Roger had to do now and the psychiatrist prescribed him some medication.

While Roger left, the doctor thought to himself. What if Roger had committed the murder or at least thought he had. What will the police do to him? If he was found guilty Roger would get a life sentence. Roger would be locked up in a dirty old cell and no one can prove he didn’t kill Cully.

On the way home Roger went to The Lion’s Den, the local bar, and waited there till it was time for Gail’s shift.  As Gail Barnaby came in, Roger took a deep breath. Gail was very beautiful with the same blue eyes and blond hair as Cully’s; it made him a little sad.  Once Gail saw Roger she waved and came up to him, “Hey, I didn’t think I’ll see you here. Is anything wrong?” she said after seeing the worried look on his face.

“I need an alibi. It’s Cully,” he replied. Roger sat her down and explained to her about what he thought he saw and why he needed her as an alibi.

“I will help you but swear to me you are a hundred percent sure you didn’t kill her”, Gail told him.

“I swear I didn’t,” he said pleadingly

She paused a moment and said “Okay I believe you”.

Roger gave a sigh of relief, “Thank you. I owe you one”. He stayed at the bar till it closed, drinking a few more beers and walked home.

As soon as Roger woke up he found he had a splitting headache. He couldn’t remember the night before; he thought it must be the medication. Last night he hadn’t been able to sleep as all he did was thinking of Cully. Suddenly there was a knock on the front door. He pulled the sheets from over his head and put on a pair of jeans to open the door. Two men wearing suits were outside the door. One was tall with broad shoulders and looked very friendly while the other man was shorter and seemed grim.  They both flashed their badges and the tall man said, “I am Detective Chief Inspector Troy and this is Detective Sergeant Jones”, he said pointing to his serious looking colleague, “We would like to talk to you”.

“Come on in and sit down”, Roger replied and showed the officers to the living room. “Would you like anything?” he asked trying to sound calm. Both of the detectives shook their heads.

“Well yesterday you were seen with a woman called Gail Barnaby till late in the night. She was found dead today. Also the body of Cully Stephens has been uncovered in her home. You allegedly had a relationship with her, we would like to know if you have any information that can help us,” the Sergeant questioned. Roger had beads of sweat on his face.

“Gimme a sec, I need to make a phone call,” Roger said and ran to make a call. The two men looked at each other. “He must have done it, I mean why else would he leave,” said Chief Inspector Troy.   But the sergeant just shook his head, something didn’t seem right.

Roger came back with a strange look on his face it was a look of relief and confessed, “It was me. I went over to Cully’s to ask her why she broke up with me. I was drunk, I saw her dying I wasn’t sure if I did it. But there is a body, so it must be me”.

Troy said, “Roger Sheppard I hereby arrest you for the murder of Cully Stephens anything you say or do can be held against you in court,” and Sergeant Jones handcuffed him.

Three months later a letter arrived in the prison from Dr. Ackroyd. Roger had been staying in the prison for the last two months, right after the trial he had been sent here. The doctor inquired about Roger’s health. Furthermore how the doctor wished he could have helped out more, when Roger read this he chuckled to himself. If the Dr. Ackroyd wanted to help he could easily have defended Roger in the trial instead of declaring him capable of murder. Something the doctor had written in the letter was nagging Roger. Dr. Sheppard had written ‘I hope your nightmares have subsided. Anyone seeing Cully in the blood-soaked blue dress would have nightmares’.

After a few days Roger realised what had been nagging him. He had never mentioned to the doctor what Cully was wearing that night. Roger was now fully convinced that he couldn’t have murdered Cully. Now everything seemed to piece together. Before he got arrested he had called the doctor who told him to follow his first instinct. Dr. Ackroyd was the one who suggested to Roger to go to Cully. Only the doctor knew about his alibi with Gail, the only person who would testify on Roger’s behalf. Ackroyd could easily fit the description of the man Cully had started dating; in fact Gail had said she had seen Cully with a man that looked very much like Ackroyd. The doctor had given him medication so he was drugged and his memory was blurred. But why? Maybe Cully wanted to come back to Roger. But he could only guess now. He knew he couldn’t have killed Cully; his friend Dr. Ackroyd had done it.  But Roger had already confessed to the murder and been charged guilty. What could he do now? Having no proof and being imprisoned for life.

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  1. November 21, 2012 7:47 am

    Good job! 🙂
    Loved it. ❤

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