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October 31, 2012

Since when has parenting become a numbers game. How many gadgets your child owns? How many hours of a day you spend with your child? How much money you spend on them? How many A+’s they get?

Just spending time isn’t enough it should be quality. I had a busy working mom but when we spent time we did it properly. I went to museums, galleries and I learned to sew, knit and paint.
Also tuition is a joke (not music). If your child is coping tuition from an early age is useless. It turns learning into a bore and a chore, let kids be kids. They have a lot to worry if later. Also things like tuition at an early age can make a child close minded. For them to learn take them places like museums where the displays are cool and they can learn (children love visuals). Just let them have fun.
My mom did now in my teens I always get top grades and am an all rounder. Due to my mom’s parenting I love to LEARN anything anytime. Liking learning is quite handy at school.

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