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An immortal jellyfish

November 9, 2012

An immortal jellyfish

They are such elegant creatures. If humans were immortal we may have used it to get richer or rule worlds. But these jellyfish live peacefully with their surroundings. These days we are getting more people and longer lives. Instead of being peaceful we ravage the lands of its wealth.Obviously no-one can chose how many children another can bear nor their right to live, but we could improve ourselves to live sustainably. Also educate the masses on having to many children. Maybe the Catholics could reverse what they feel on birth control as those Catholic Africans are suffering most by this rule.
Humanity do not rule the Earth we are merely guests. Let’s not overstay our welcome and make sure we do what is right for our planet. What is the point to so much progress if there will be no planet functioning left. We will have nice houses and gadgets but a lack of food and animals.
We are messing with forces greater than our abilities. Not god, but the Earth’s precious ecosystems.
Let us love peacefully like this creature who frolics the sea with the greatest of elegance and propriety.

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