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Rwandan Genocide

November 12, 2012

This was one of the most shameful atrocities committed. In 100 days 800,000 died. The animosity between the Tutsi and Hutus did not just start in 1994. It was built up over numerous years.
Tutsis were the upper class and oppressed the lower class Hutus.
But these two races spoke the same language and had the same religion.
Though the ethnic differences were magnified during the Belgian rule, it was already obvious.
The Belgians even separated people with ID card that told your race.
Radios and politicians called Tutsi’s cockroaches for god’s sake
In 100 days around 800,000 people died in the genocide. The world could have helped and stopped the genocide. The UN could have intervened but our countries felt Rwanda wasn’t worth the vote. We could have helped. But we didn’t.
Let’s hope this never repeats and the world will work together to help.

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